Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Two Chinese bridges among world's most incredible bridges

Two bridges in China are among 11 bridges that are considered the most incredible in the world.

The bridges, listed in a CNN article, are works of art as much as a way for people and vehicles to get from one place to another.

Both Chinese bridges on the list have not opened yet, though one, Zhangjiajie Canyon Bridge is scheduled to open in May 2016. Designed by Haim Dotan, it will be the largest glass bottom bridge in the world. At 68 feet long and 718 feet high, the bridge will be used for bungee jumping as well as host fashion shows.

The Lucky Knot Bridge at Changsha is scheduled to open later in 2016. Red knots are said to bring good luck in China. Designed by NEXT Architects, the bridge, which is red, resembles the decorative Chinese knots, only a whole lot bigger.

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