Sunday, January 4, 2015

Four spots in China among world's most colorful landscapes

Four scenic spots in China made the list of the 15 most colorful landscapes in the world. The list was compiled by CNN.

The spectacular landscapes can be found in China at:
  • Danxia Landform in Gansu Province. The colorful hills look almost surreal, as if they were a modern art painting, rather than the world of Mother Nature. Sandstone and minerals created the colors millions of years ago.
  •  Rice fields in Yunnan Province. Located in Yuanyuang County, the terraced rice fields are separated by dikes of earth in geometric patterns. The Hani minority people created the terraced paddies more than 1,000 years ago for growing red rice. When the paddies are flooded, the water is like a reflection pool, mirroring the blue sky, clouds and a red sunset. Later, they’ll turn to green as the rice shoots up.
  • Luoping Basin, Qujing Prefecture. Each March, the fields, which are punctuated with conical mounds, glow yellow when canola plants bloom.
  • Red Beach, Panjin, Liaoning Province. Seaweed in the Liahe River delta turns a bright red in the fall, thus giving the beach its name.
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