Tuesday, November 26, 2013

China's innovative architecture

The Bird's Nest now seems tame.
The Chinese are becoming known for their innovative architecture. Of 15 buildings around the world singled out for their curvy architecture in a recent CNN article, three were from China. China was the only country to place three buildings on the list.

For many years now, I've thought that Shanghai had innovative architecture, but not one building from China's largest city made the list. The buildings that did were in Beijing, Changsha and Dalian.

In Beijing, Wangjing SOHO office resemble is said to resemble two traditional Chinese fans that are said to represent health, wealth, luck and happiness. Even the parking garage is curvy, as show by the architect's rendering. The building will be completed in 2014.

Just looking at the pedestrian bridge in Changsha can make a person dizzy, but I think it would be cool to walk across it. The bridge across the Meixi Lake (I think it resembles a canal more than a lake) is like a Mobius strip, i.e., never ending with its end connecting to the beginning. Construction on the bridge is expected to start next year.

I'm not sure how to describe the new library in Dalian, other than it's pretty curvaceous with what appears to be a book sitting on top. It sort of reminds me of a very upscale hospital bedpan.

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