Friday, August 30, 2013

Two Chinese sites make 'beautiful' list

Cormorants in Tongli
Two locations in China are among those CNN identified as 31 beautiful sights on this incredible planet.

No. 5 on the list is cormorant fishing in China while Fenghuang is No. 13.

The article suggests drifting down the scenic Nanxi River in Zhejiang Province as the best way to see cormorant fishing where fishermen use these birds to catch fish. The birds dive off a boat into the water and come back up with a fish. We saw this demonstrated in a canal when we visited Tongli, a water town an hour's drive from Shanghai. Wenzhou is the nearest big city for those wanting to drift the river in a bamboo boat.

Fenghuang is an old town in Hunan Province that is popular with backpackers, the article notes.The 1,300-yer-old town was made popular in a Chinese novel, Frontier City. The small town only ha about 200 houses, 10 alleys and 20 streets. It sounds like the type of place I'd like to spend a few hours just walking around. Daily bus service is available from the provincial capital of Changsha.

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