Thursday, April 25, 2013

China Travel Tips contest

Prize for the best travel tip
When you learn someone you know is going to China, a place you’ve traveled to, what is the first thing you tell them?

Do you tell them about the food? The language? How to get around?

Now that you’ve been to China, what is the one thing you wished you had known about before you went?

I like travel tips for China, so much I’ve written an ebook filled with my favorite tips. Now I’d like to know what your favorite tips are.

List your favorite travel tip in the comment section below. Whoever gives me the best tip by May 15 wins a copy of Imperial Beijing, a podcast I did for as well as a PDF copy of my book, China Travel Tips. Imperial Beijing is a CD of photos and text about Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and Jingshan Park. You can watch it on your computer or on your TV if you a DVD player.

By entering this contest, you give me permission to use your China travel tip in my book. If I use your tip, I’ll send you $2, give you credit for the tip in the book, and send you a PDF copy of it.

Please include your email address in your comment, so I’ll know how to get in touch with you.
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Are you going to China?
If a trip to China is in your travel plans, check out my website, Cheryl's China, or feel free to email me if you have any questions about travel in China.



Anonymous said...

Before visiting the Forbidden City, do your homework and know what it is you want to see. It's a vast complex and there is just too much to see in one visit. Make sure you get to the parts you're interested in and know what you're looking at.

Aleah | said...

Communication can be a problem in China if you don't speak the language. To make sure you can find your way back to where you're staying, take a picture of it, making sure that its address is visible AND in Chinese. Did it in Shanghai and all the cabbies found the place really easily. aleah(at)lycos(dot)com

Anonymous said...

If you don't care to eat with chopsticks, take along some disposable plastic forks if you plan to eat at neighborhood restaurants.

Jean Ash said...

Read all you can before you go, whether it be non-fiction or fiction so the different emperors and dynasties won't sound so, well, foreign, Also, take an ATM card from Capital One or another company that doesn't charge $1.50 every time you use it plus a percentage to change the money between currencies. Be sure to load up on a lot of yuan before heading to second tier cities who don't have as many ATMs that accept foreign cards. I guess that was technically more than one tip but I have so many others!! Jean Ash jeanash (at) comcast (dot) net

Elizabeth said...

If you are traveling between Beijing and Shanghai or even to Guangzhou, I highly recommend taking the "bullet train." Save almost half price by choosing second class, which is roomy and comfortable. There is excellent Metro service between train stations and almost anywhere in the cities so you can make up time and expense of getting to or from the airports and have fewer restrictions on liquids and number of bags. There are dozens of trains every day between BJ and SH so tickets shouldn't be a problem.