Sunday, November 18, 2012

Website changes

When I was a writer for Suite101, I wrote dozens of articles about China, frequently mentioning them on this blog with a link to the Suite site.

I no longer write for Suite and, at my request, the company deleted all my articles. The information contained in those articles is too good to just toss out, so I am gradually adding the ones on China to my website, Cheryl's China.

If you haven't checked my website out lately, please check back again...again...and again. Adding this content, plus other pages I'm working on at the same time, is a never-ending process. Right now, I'm updating once a week.

I've also added a Twitter feed to the home page. I tweet mainly about China, particularly interesting places to visit and news articles that I find interesting. Readers are always welcome to follow me @cherylprobst, but if you're following a lot of people, my China tweets could get lost in the shuffle. But they're all in one spot on my website.

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