Monday, October 25, 2010

President Oba-mao

Buying souvenir t-shirts when you're in a foreign country is one of the fun things about traveling internationally. And my husband and I certainly buy our share. But we were surprised during our recent trip to Beijing to find t-shirts sporting the picture of President Barack Obama. He's wearing a Mao cap at an angle that is faintly reminiscent of Che Guevara.

Of course, we bought a bunch of them as gifts for friends, especially those who are anti-Obama. (One friend sends me 6-8 anti-Obama emails each week.)

Unlike in this country, the president appears to have a good image abroad.

On at least two occasions, Obama and his politics were discussed. The first time was when I was taking a cooking class. Besides me, there was a young woman from Singapore, a young couple from the Netherlands, and two middle-aged couples from Australia. When I mentioned that I was not an Obama fan (I am not a fan of any Democrat), these people were aghast and wanted to know why some Americans did not like him. As I explained reasons why some were against him, they strongly defended him and his policies.

The next day, at lunch with two friends I knew from my China Daily days, we again discussed Obama. They could not believe there were many Americans who did not like him or his policies. My husband used as an example that Obama wants to cut benefits to veterans (my husband is one) and how this would affect us financially. They were surprised to learn this and felt maybe the rest of the world was not being told the whole picture.

Going to China?

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading your web site and had decided to order your guide. We will be building houses this summer near Guangzhou with Habitat for Humanity and then traveling, so I've been reading a lot. Then I made the mistake of reading your blog. Now I realize that you definitely would not want an order from me--a Democrat.

Kitty Willkomm
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Cheryl said...

Dear Kitty,

If you would like to order my guide, please feel free to do so. I am equal opportunity when it comes to money. While I am not the president's #1 fan, I do have respect for the office, regardless of who holds it. I will admit this is sometimes hard to do, even with Republicans. As for all those anti-Obama emails I get, I usually delete them without reading them, as I do with pretty much all the political jokes I get.

I hope you change your mind about my guides. If not, please feel free to email me with any questions you might have. And, please enjoy your trip to China!